2019Winter Dressage Series
Stay tuned up this Winter!

Stay tuned for more information about the 2019 Winter Dressage Series!!!

Shows Dates

 Show Date  Judge  Ride Times   Results 
 Sat Feb 2  Kari Allen (L) 

 Sat Feb 16  Lisa Schmidt (S) 
 Sat March 2   Heidi Lemack-Beck (L) 
 Sat March 16   Cheryl Ash (L) 
 Sat April 6  Amy Gimbel (R)

How do I sign up?

Opening date for all shows is January 2nd, 2019 and closing date is one week before each show. Entries are limited so if a show fills prior to the closing date, a wait list will be started but entry is not guaranteed.
  1. Fill out the ESDCTA Entry form.
  2. Send entry to Sherry Morse at least one week before the show date at: sherry_morse@yahoo.com OR 321 W. Burke St., Easton, PA 18042

For more information:

Show Awards

Come out and participate to win some very amazing prizes from our generous sponsors!

  • Day of show awards will be done by level, not individual tests.  Prizes to be given to high score of the level. 
  • Series awards are based on the average of the two highest scores for a horse and rider combination at a given level. All other scores will be dropped. To be eligible you must attend at least three shows and compete in at least three tests at a given level with at least one of those tests being the highest test for that level (for example, Intro C, Training Level Test 3, and so on). 

2018 Show Results

Winners receive prizes from our wonderful sponsors! 
Please contact Katie Wigness (ktwigness@gmail.com) for your prizes.

Series End Results

Day of Results

 Intro  1. Danielle Drosnock
 2. Rachel Merino
 3. Mary Domanski 
   1. Mary Domanski
 2. Mary Domanski
 3. Danielle Drosnock
 Training   1. Marnie Stetson
 2. Rachel Merino
 3. Elizabeth Bortuzzo
   1. Elizabeth Bortuzzo
 2. Suzy James
 3. Monica Gallen
 First  1. Elizabeth Bortuzzo
 2. Jamie Leuenberger
 3. Krysia Potter Alt
   1. Elizabeth Bortuzzo
 2. Krysia Potter Alt
 3. Suzy James
 Second  1. Elizabeth Bortuzzo
 2. Elizabeth Bortuzzo
 3. Christy Pellegrino
   1. Christy Pellegrino
 2. Christine Scott
 3. Christy Pellegrino
 Third & Up  1. Jamie Leuenberger  1. Jamie Leuenberger
 2. Jamie Leuenberger
 Eventing   N/A    N/A
 Western    N/A    N/A