Trail Riding


For many horse owners, trail riding is one of life's greatest pleasures. But where are the trails you ask? Alexandria is lucky enough to have both public and private trails in the township. We can tell you about the public trails, but in order to ride the private trails, you must first ride with another AEA member.


You see, we take our pledge to the landowners that allow us to ride their properties seriously. The landowners value their privacy and they let us know exactly where on the property we can ride. So it's not possible to publish a trail map of the private trails without risking new riders wandering on to land that they shouldn't be on AND risking the annoyance of a landowner who doesn't care for a published document outlining trails that include their land. It's a privacy matter! But it all works out if new riders "learn the ropes" on the private trails from a member who knows the ropes!

Do our trails need to be expanded?

Yes they do. Trails don't just happen! Most often there creation comes about via relationships between neighbors. AEA has available a landowners packet that will aid members seeking to advance a trail in their "neck of the woods."

Important Note About Hunting Season

Private property: We are lucky to have some landowners that allow trail riding on the property during hunting season from the hours of 10am to 2pm. In order to know which properties allow such privileges, you must contact an AEA Board member in advance of riding, as the information can change from year to year. Otherwise, please do not ride in hunting areas during hunting season. 

Alexandria Township Park: Hunting is not allowed at any time within Alexandria Township Park.

Schick Preserve: You can ride through the preserve between 10am and 2pm Monday thru Saturday. There is no hunting on Sunday, so please feel free to ride anytime!

Horseshoe Bend Park (from the Kingwood Parks website)From September 15, 2014 to February 21, 2015 Permit hunting is allowed at the park for the purposes of deer control. There is NO SUNDAY HUNTING and only a limited number of permitted hunters will be in the park at any one time - less than 1 per 20 acres.  It is reccomended that during that time, non-hunters should wear blaze orange or confine visits to Sundays.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Schick Preserve


The Schick Preserve is a 311 acre county owned park located in Alexandria Township. AEA applied for a grant to establish a trail in this beautiful preserve, and lucky for everyone, a trail is on its way. This will expand AEA's trail network by 10 miles, as the long- awaited Schick trail is finally coming to fruition. After three years of planning and debating, of designing and debating, of applying and debating, of begging and debating. Have you noticed any pattern's finally close at hand.


We expect the trail to be completed in 2011. We will have trails winding along the edge of farm fields, hedgerows, tree lines, woods and even across a few approved wet areas. We will even have a parking lot to safely park your horse trailer along Route 631, next to the Milford Firehouse Annex.


You can ride Schick before the official trail is open and marked by staying on the edge of farm fields, looking for the 10 foot wide mowed edge, while meandering from field to field. You will get a sense of the beauty of this county owned property by taking time to stop and enjoy the views and the wildlife.


In the winter months, remember the property is hunted. Riding during the 10am to 2pm window is allowed since that time frame doesn't make for "active" hunting hours. And Sunday riding is OK all day since Sunday hunting isn't allowed in county parks. (wearing orange is always recommended during hunting season!!)


We will have an official opening once all the clearing, the trimming, and the approvals are completed. Until then, enjoy the open fields...always staying to the edge.


Update:  3/7/2012

Schick Trail - the trail is completed!  Hunting season is over, ride any day.


Alexandria Park

Another public trail in Alexandria is the perimeter trail around our 72 acre township owned park.  In nice weather, this trail can be enjoyed by riding between the walking trail and the road.  Riding is not permitted on the walking trail at any time.  If you have to cross the walking trail and manure is left, please get off your horse and kick it out of the way or come back and clean it up.  In fact, if manure is left anywhere in the finished sections of the Park, including the parking lots, please clean it up so that people don't have a reason to complain about horses.

We are also allowed to ride the back fields that are currently utilized only for disc golf, but as always, stay to the edge of the fields or along mowed paths.

There is plenty of room to park your horse trailer at the park, but be aware other activities could be happening requiring cars to park in the same lot.  Schick is just 1/4 mile up the road from the park, but until we get permission to ride some landowner's property edge, you must ride a short distance on Hickory Corner Road, so be very careful.

And most importantly, remember that riding is not permitted anywhere in the park when the ground is wet. 

Foxwood Trail


This is the first dedicated equestrian easement in the township, granted by the developer of the Foxwood development via a township resolution.  This lovely shaded trail runs behind a group of homes in Foxwood, however riding this trail requires knowledge of the private trails that join it on either end.   Ask for a tour of the Foxwood trail from another AEA member, and you will then be sure you are staying on the designated trail as requested by the landowners.

Private Trails


We have private trails in various parts of the township.  They are not necessarily connected to one another, but over time, with the trail network a "work in progress," we hope to make these important connections.


One way to learn the private trails is to sign up for one of the group trail rides scheduled each year.  In 2011, we plan to have one a month in the nice weather.  Look for more information on dates and times on the calendar web site.


Another way to learn the private trails is to ask a "trail riding" member to tag along on her/his next ride.  A quick email or phone call is usually all it takes.