Membership in the AEA is open to all residents within Alexandria Township, and a limited number of non-township residents. In order to take advantage of the Alexandria Township trail system and/or riding facilities at the park, you need to become a member of AEA and display your membership tag.

Becoming a Member


To become a member of AEA and receive a membership tag:

  1. Fill out a 2024 Membership application.
  2. Return the completed membership application form, proof of insurance, and check to Sara Slack using the address provided on the application form.
  3. Once your membership application is processed you will receive an email with your membership number.  At that time your membership is valid.
  4. If you are a out-of-township resident, please be aware that AEA is required to maintain a  35% resident vs. 65% non-resident balance by the Park and Recreation Commission.  At times, we unfortunately maintain a waitlist for non-resident members.

Please also review the following documents:

Membership Fees (Includes $50 work bond)

Work bonds are refundable after 5 hours of volunteer service. See Volunteer Incentive Program (below).




 Alexandria Township Resident 



 Non-township Resident



 Trainer Only
  • Max Students=3
  • No work bond
  • Teach only
  • May ride to demonstrate
  • No other pleasure riding



 Student membership
  • Under 10
  • No work bond
  • Ride with trainer



 Non-riding landowner
  • No work bond



Volunteer Incentive Program


To encourage involvement in volunteer activities, the AEA has instated the "Volunteer Incentive Program." As part of the annual dues, members are required to pay $50.00 in addition to the annual membership fee. This $50.00 will be reimbursed once a member achieves 5 hours of volunteer service per year (for example, assisting with events, trail clearing, indoor arena maintenance, and so on). Contact the treasurer to report your volunteer records and receive reimbursements.